8 Simple Tips To Organise Your Garden Shed For Spring

Tools in a garden shed

There has never been a better time to organise your garden with the weather warming up and the arrival of spring flora in all their vibrant colours. Get your yard ready now so that all you have to do to enjoy the sunshine when it finally appears is grab a good book and a seat.

Organizing your garden involves more than just cleaning up your plants, wiping down your furniture, and planting fresh flowers; it also entails taking on the dreaded garden shed and turning it into a useful area that will make keeping up with your gardening duties much simpler.

We're all guilty of using our garden sheds as a holding area for items that don't "belong" inside. It doesn't take long for what was once the ideal location to reach all of your gardening tools to become completely filled with items you don't use or need, making it difficult to find anything.

What can you do, then, to clear the clutter and prepare your garden shed for the summer? Try these things:


Install Some Shelves And Racks

Making the most of your space is key to organising your garden shed. You can quickly hang gardening tools like rakes and spades for convenient access by installing wall racks, and shelving can create space for pots, seeds, and tools that you can use without hurting yourself.


Reuse Old Furniture

Any outdated cabinets can be converted into useful storage space in a shed. You'll declutter your home and save money on old furniture.

Keep an eye out for ancient pharmacy cabinets or library catalogue card drawers at boot sales and online auctions, gardeners and allotment owners. When put somewhere dry, they make ideal seed storage containers.


Think About What You Need To Access The Most

It makes sense to consider the products you need to access constantly versus those you use much less frequently before deciding where everything should go. Put frequently used objects closer to the front of the shed or in areas where you can reach them without having to reach through other items or bend over to get to them to make your life easier.


Purchase Some Clever Storage

Storage is essential, and planning the type of storage you require to make the most of your shed can help to keep it organised. To ensure that everything is kept separately and to lessen the likelihood of it becoming jumbled and crowded once more, make sure that everything has a place and organise stuff into various drawers, boxes, or storage units.


Add Plenty Of Hooks

Hooks are a shed's greatest friend for smaller tools like trowels and secateurs. An easy and inexpensive option to build tool storage in your shed is with S-hooks. They can be moved around until you reach the ideal location and no drilling is necessary. They can be hung from a window frame, shower curtain rail, or old palette. Simple.

Even bigger hooks can be used for heavy instruments like brooms, forks, and spades. They may be moved if your plans or requirements alter, and they screw to the shed timbers rather quickly and easily.


Utilize The Ceiling 

Consider the vertical. When it comes to storage, the ceiling is your friend. That unused area can be transformed with plywood into an above-head shelf that is out of the way. The ideal fishing rod holder is made of PVC tubing strung from the rafters.

A bike hanger or hoist system can also be used to store large bikes on the ceiling, saving you important floor space.


Create Labels

Once you have divided stuff into several storage compartments, you should carefully label each one so that you can quickly find everything. Perhaps more crucially, you'll also be aware of where to store things after you've finished using them.


Use All Of The Height

Keep in mind that you can hang objects from the ceiling as well as the walls. Why not get some vertical bike storage to make some space? It makes sense to keep your bikes dry so you can access them quickly while also preventing them from taking up too much space.



By using the aforementioned advice, you can make sure that your garden shed is in a tidy, functional condition where you can easily access all of your gardening tools and equipment.