How To Grow Strawberries

How To Grow Strawberries

Strawberries are really easy to grow, and so are a great option to choose for any gardener, be it a beginner or a pro! 

Strawberry plants take up little space, and so there's loads of options for how you want to grow then, be it in the ground, in pots or baskets.

When to plant

Generally March and April in the UK are the best months to plant your lovely strawberries!


Most strawberry plants are grown from young plants, but they can also be grown from seed.

Scatter seeds thinly and evenly over the surface of some multi-purpose compost, in small pots or trays. You may then want to lightly cover the compost with sharp sand. Cover the pot with clear plastic bags to maintain humidity and shade until germination.

Germination needs temperatures of around 18-21°C, and can be slow and erratic. As soon as the seedlings have two leaves on them, prick them out 2.5cm apart.

Around May time, you should then plant these in a larger pot, in the ground or in a container. The spot you put them should be sunny or lightly shaded.

Water and feeding

You should water your strawberry plants frequently while they're establishing and throughout the dry periods. Try to avoid wetting the crown or fruit, as this can promote fungal diseases.

In early spring, feed the plants with high potassium general fertiliser. For those strawberries grown on pots, you should feed them weekly or fortnightly throughout the growing season.


You should expect to be able to pick your strawberries between June and August. Enjoy!


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